Reflection: Puppet Strings

Who are we giving power in our lives?

Reflection: To Which You Am I Speaking?

Can we own our own moods, and not try to fix each other's?

Reflection: Toxic Talk

What is the cure for poisoned people?

Reflection: Addressing Anger

Are we brave enough to acknowledge the hurt?

Reflection: Bob McGrath - A Person in My Neighborhood

Can we make the world safer for someone else?

Reflection: Facing Fear

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Reflection: New Rules, New Tools

Are we trying to solve today's problems with yesterdays gear?

Reflection: Thanksgiving

What are you grateful for?

Reflection: Grieving Through Our Guilt

Accepting the things we cannot change

Reflection: Finding the Grace to Grieve

Can we allow ourselves to feel it all?

Reflection: Choose Your Legacy

How do you want to lead?

Reflection: Check the Blueprints. Then Check Yourself.

Make sure your mirror matches your map.